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8/5/20 A little update:

We've been on hold. Life. But we're back. And our founder Amy Culver has teamed up with Mark Watson for a weekly streaming broadcast on YouTube. Doesn't get any wackier or weirder or more entertaining than these two bantering and sharing a little taste of Key Weird to you, wherever you are! Hey, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere!!

Cheers & Stay Weird!


Background 2015:  Life IS weird. I’m not saying that just because my sister and I just became the proud owners of a company by the name of Key West Where the Weird Go Pro ™.  Okay, maybe the marketer in me is exploiting the phrase a wee bit, but the truth is I never imagined myself in this place: in a mid-life career shift, building a business with my sister, in the most magical city in the world.

I fell in love with Key West many years ago. Why? Because it is here, at the Southern-most tip in the World, that I have learned to accept my oddities, and to appreciate the same in others. I have found MY-self, so to speak, and MY-place where I am most at ease in my personal and business life. 

Admittedly, I’m a little weird and so is my sis, Connie.  It’s a gift. Because of who and where we are, I feel that we are uniquely qualified to encourage the weirdness in others.  For me, Weird is cool. The word itself speaks volumes. It says,’ I have lived, I have survived, and now I thrive in being exactly who I was meant to be.’

One comes to Key West to escape, decompress, laugh, relax, explore & just be. We wear t-shirts & flip flops. Some of us never leave. We start our Key West family, and begin making our footprints in the sand. If you visit and don’t have the chance to return, you are surely dreaming of the day you will walk these streets and beaches again.

There is a magical draw to Key West. Weird is good here; it is understood and doesn’t apologize. No matter how buttoned up and conservative you may be, a visit to this off-beat, self-described wacky community will be sure to bring out your unique, positive, quirky, outrageous, enchanting, extra- ordinary self.

Contrary to the inner-voice inside me, that says, ‘You’ve got this- you are where you are meant to be,” my Midwestern upbringing tells me that selling Weird is a bit daunting. Ok, did I say a bit? It’s crazy daunting and if I dwell too long on it I just might freak out! But my sister and I like a challenge, and of course, the act of freaking out is accepted here in Key West.

Which brings me back to my original point; Life IS Weird! It’s a journey. (insert your favorite Facebook positive and oh so thoughtful visual here) It’s not the destination that matters….but all the wonderful turns and twists along the paths you take along the way. I believe very much in synchronicity – my sister…she does too, but won’t talk about it. To me, synchronicity is the happy coincidence of opportunities and your state of mind. If you are in a positive state of mind…you see the opportunities around you and may even grab them. If you are not so positive…you hopefully see the work you need to do to get positive.

A year ago – the week of Poker Run - I met up with Amy Culver, the founder of KWWTWGP, and I immediately fell in love with the message and the fun. I bought a hat, a tutu and put a sticker on a bulletin board in my office. The journey began…and now, here we are, at the helm of the ship delivering the message about Key West Where the Weird Go Pro ™.

When you get it, you belong. 
You belong when you realize you are not alone. 
We welcome you to join the fun at
Key West Where the Weird Go Pro ™.

Connie & Michele - The Weird Sisters
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